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  • 11 NO BULLSHIT life advises from James Altucher 


    I don’t know anything!
    My level of knowledge is so small. But I’m curious. I want to know more so I can do and live more and be more. 

    I don’t want my life to be limited by what I know which is why I study successful and wise people everytime and everyday. 

    Every day in every way I’m getting better I’m getting stronger 

    I read their books, listen to their interviews and read lots of publications about them, sometimes I also talk with them. 

    And that’s why I’m starting this section on this blog called the MentorMe posts sections. I’ll be adding two post per month taking 11 very good advices from the top leaders out there. 

    This week we’re going to look into James Altucher. 

    Been that I’ve read more than 5 of his books, on his newsletter and I read his blog daily. I love this guy and he has changed my life. 

    He is the best selling author of “choose yourself” If you haven’t gotten that book it’s high time you did. 

    He is a genius who has made millions and lost it all more than once. He is embodied with life experience that you can benefit from. 

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  • How to throw a loop around the neck of your low self esteem and hang it! 


    Hi there 

    I know that the title of this post is hilarious. Come to think of it what was I thinking? I don’t really know

    I think I’m pissed at a lot of people. A lot of people take things too personally. 

    Gosh!, it’s a pandemic out there. There is this zero wisdom circulation. Most people are just thinking bullshit. 

    More than 17 of my subscribers have asked me to give them a bullet point they can use to increase their low self esteem and when I go on Quora everyday. This low self esteem questions always pop up left and right. 

    What the heck is wrong with people! 

    I’m tired of seeing those questions and that’s why I’m writing this right now so that you out there with an issue of low self esteem can throw a wisdom loop around it and hang it 

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  • How to stop giving a DAMN about what anyone thinks


    I totally get it

    You want to live to a higher standard. 

    You want to be nice. To be seen as good and generous and have everyone heap praises on you because you’re the good guy. 

    When you do something nice, you would always dance in the praises and thumbs ups. You even hunger for such praises. 

    And any little criticism will make you wanna die.. 

    You’d always make decisions based on how others will view you. You’d ask for people opinions on almost everything. 

    If someone said something is bad, You’d never do it again. 

    If someone said you’re a fool, you feel bad and accept you’re really a fool. 

    If someone told you not to try, you’d simply never try again. 

    Slowly dying from not being able to express yourself

    You’d make conversations thinking about what the other person would think about you. You would keep your dark opinions to yourself  because that’ll make others think you’re bad and selfish. 

    And you can’t take that…. You’re good! You’re a good person.. A good 

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  • 12 Quick mindtricks to make you 10x more social


    Seriously. I’ll take a series of Netflix over going out to make friends any day.

    There is this magic about those seasonal movies. They throw a wonder woman cord around you, and draw you in.

    From “I’ll watch just one episode” till you spend your whole weekend on it and schedule the next weekend for another episode.

    So then why would I write this article, you ask?

    It’s because this world is messed up. We live in an age with too much Internet, music, gadgets and so on.

    It’s so easy to get lost on a conso

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  • How to build a personality that doesn’t suck


    How do you build a personality that doesn’t suck all the time?

    How do you transform into remarkable?

    The first step is to work on yourself and that means you must finish this article or else you’ll keep sucking…… For life!

    Now lets get on to what a cool personality is.

    You know James Bond is so cool. He is the guy with the license to kill and every James Bond movie proves the fact that’s he’s the man.

    James persona is so alluring that girls can’t resist him. He is so irresistible and they can’t do anything about it.

    He gets laid with any girl that mistakenly comes close to him! And since he’s the best. All other agents are dead ass jealous of him.

    But why is he so cool?

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  • How to eradicate all your rubbish negative thoughts in just a few days


    Here is the thing

    My heart might give out tomorrow and Say I’ve worked enough I wanna rest …..

    Google may block my blog tomorrow…..

    My girlfriend may text me right now that she is no longer interested…

    I may lose my source of income and have to beg for money….

    Something may happens what I’ll drop out of medical school….

    I may fail to satisfy her in bed or alien may invade my planet thus weekend…

    The thing is who cares….. Screw it.

    I’ll be okay no matter what happens.

    Anything that happens tomorrow that I can’t control. I’m perfectly cool with it and you not thinking this way is where your problems lies.

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  • Ultimate guide to shoot to kill


    So here you are thinking WTF is this article gonna be about.

    Is this a copy about a game or a movie. 

    Or a crazy opinion on some mysterious idea

    Or I’m gonna teach you how to kill someone. 

    Who does that….

    You might say “I taught this is a personal development blog ?”

    Well you are right it still is…..

    Today I’m gonna be going into satisfying yourself. What I mean is You getting all those things you really want in your life- love, friends, money, car, confidence, fitness or whatever.

    I’m gonna be dismantling how to achieve these things just like a sniper achieves his goals…

    You shoot to kil

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  • How to stop LOSING and become a CHARISMATIC winner 


    Yesterday I was watching a football match and surprisingly 10 minutes into the match I already knew who would win. Even though the scoreline was still zero. 

    It was that worse. 

    And really obvious. It shows in the game coordination of the home team, how the players move as one, how each teamate’s pass is inch perfect and with each tackle well calculated.

    The evidence was real that they were a team.

    But sadly the away team(the more expensive team) were just a bunch of muscles running around the field with no vivid plan.

    They were driven around the field mercilessly